About Me

Mark Zenuk lives in Rowlett, Texas, where he is the managing partner and co-founder of Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners. He also serves on the Bunge Board of Directors.

Zenuk leverages his global reputation and more than 30 years of industry experience to acquire and operate large-scale assets in processing, storing, merchandising and transporting agricultural commodities and ingredients. Throughout his career, Zenuk has lived and worked in Canada, the United States and Europe. 

Current Role and Duties

Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners is a private equity firm in the agribusiness industry in Dallas, Texas. Tillridge is an affiliate of NGP Energy Capital Management, one of the leading investment firms in the natural resources industry. Mark oversees Tillridge's direct equity investments in feed, food and industrial product companies within the agribusiness supply chain. 

Tillridge has over 140 collective years of experience focused on partnering with proven management teams in the midstream agribusiness sector. The company began investing in agribusiness in 2012 as part of its affiliation with NGP Energy Capital Management. Tillridge has committed more than $665 million in capital to agribusiness.

Zenuk cites the Asian Pacific Market, which will encompass 65% of the world's middle class, and the trend toward higher-quality prepared foods in developed countries as the primary growth drivers in the agribusiness industry. He intends to lead Tillridge forward as it confronts the challenges of resource and infrastructure constraints, changing demands of consumers, supply chain fragmentation and government interventions in capital and trade.

Zenuk believes these efforts will result in innovation in digital trade and distribution platforms and other applied technologies and increase supply chain integration, food traceability, sustainability and food safety.

Career History

Agriculture, food, and related industries contribute more than $1.2 trillion to the gross domestic product of the United States. Mark Zenuk has been a leader and innovator in the industry for over 30 years. 

Canadian Wheat Board and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

Zenuk started as the Marketing Manager for the Canadian Wheat Board in 1993. The Canadian Wheat Board is a Canadian Commodity Monopoly.

He became General Manager of the Commodity Marketing Group for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in 1995, where he managed commercial trading operations for 344 primary and inland terminals, six special crop processing plants, five ports and an organic flour mill. 

Archer Daniels Midland Company

ADM is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest agri-food processors in the world. Zenuk held multiple international and domestic executive leadership positions with Archer Daniels Midland Company from 2000 to 2010, including President of the Oilseeds business unit. 

As the top executive of ADM's largest international business, he oversaw more than 8,600 employees and the generation of more than $24 billion in revenue and $1.3 billion in operating profit and the operation of 116 inland commodity ports and terminals and 112 oilseed processing, industrial, refining and packaged food operations in 20 countries. The scope of his position included crop inputs, ports, commodity origination handling, oilseed processing, blue water shipping, vegetable oil refining and packaging and branded and private label food marketing and manufacturing.

Mark Zenuk also served as the Managing Director for Europe and Asia, Senior Vice President of North American and European Oils, Fats and Biodiesel, Vice President of North American Oils and Fats and Vice President of Moormans/ADM Animal Health and Nutrition during his time with the company.

NGP Global Agribusiness Partners

NGP Energy Capital Management is a premier investment franchise in the natural resources industry. Zenuk was a partner and Managing Director at NGP Energy Capital Management and led the company's investment platform for agribusiness from 2010 to 2016.  The company and its affiliates managed more than $16.5 billion in committed capital since 1988. Zenuk helped the company achieve its focus of partnering with experienced management teams whose strategy matches NGP's sponsorship capabilities. 

Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners and Bunge Limited

Zenuk became the managing partner of Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners in January 2017. Bunge Limited appointed Zenuk to its board in July 2018 and announced its plans to make him the board's non-executive chairperson in 2023. Zenuk is the enterprise risk management committee chair and an audit committee member. He was previously a member of the strategic review and CEO search committees.

Academic History

Zenuk earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Saskatchewan in 1990. He completed an agribusiness seminar in the Executive Education Program at Harvard University in 2015.

Professional Organizations

Mark Zenuk works with a variety of agribusiness organizations, including:

Livestock Nutrition Center

Camp Rico Fertilizers S.A.

Proximity Malt

Auxano Holdings

GFG Agservices LLC

He has also previously worked with Culinary International, Growers Express Ltd, Agriculture and Energy Carriers, Stratas Foods, A.C. Toepfer International and FEDIOL.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

In his free time, Mark enjoys mountain biking and travelling. 


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